Virtual Assistant

How can my Virtual Assistant help me?

You're probably wondering. What all can my Virtual Assistant do to help me? Right? Well, here's a "small" list of the types of things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you. Yes, this list is small, cause the possibilities are almost endless.

How To Be Sure You Don’t Get ROI On Your VA (A Great Read!)

If you don’t want to get an ROI on your VA, then here’s what you should be doing… Money, time and energy. That's what get's poured into any business on any given day, let's face it. Business owners have far too much to do, if we’re being honest. But seriously, if we have to hear one more entrepreneur complain about how they’re just rolling in it, our eyes will roll back so far into our heads we may never see them again. We get it. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything...

Do I get a dedicated assistant?

No. All of our assistants will be delighted to help you, however we try to keep the same assistant on each task until they have completed it. You may have the same assistant for multiple tasks. You can however upgrade to a Dedicated Assistant that is your personal assistant that you communicate with all the time. This is considered a premium service, however it's available to all clients.

How are my hours tracked?

We will keep a running total of your hours and send you weekly reports. Or feel free to ask us for a report at any time. If you are running out of time we will notify you well ahead of that.

Is there a setup fee?

No. Your monthly fee is the only charge.

What if I need more hours?

If you go over your limit you can purchase additional hours or upgrade your plan at anytime. Just ask your Virtual Assistant for assistance.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. Contact our Care team prior to your next billing cycle and we'll take care of your request. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time. Any funds paid to us are non-refundable. We are a service based business and do not issue refunds.

What if I want a different assistant?

No problem. Just contact our Care team and we will pair you with a Virtual Assistant that is a better fit.