How To Be Sure You Don’t Get ROI On Your VA (A Great Read!)

If you don’t want to get an ROI on your VA, then here’s what you should be doing…

Money, time and energy.  That's what get's poured into any business on any given day, let's face it.

Business owners have far too much to do, if we’re being honest. But seriously, if we have to hear one more entrepreneur complain about how they’re just rolling in it, our eyes will roll back so far into our heads we may never see them again.

We get it.  There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do.  Payroll is due, you've got so much research to do, you've got clients to bill, you've got phone calls to make, the list goes on and on.

Take a deep breath right now.  Seriously!  We'll do it with you.   "Sigh"

Thankfully, we've got your back and we’re in the business of making the lives of our clients easier, we’ll give you a few ways you can ensure you don’t get any return on investment on your Virtual Assistant.  Please make sure you read this all the way to the bottom.  You'll appreciate it.

What’s money well-spent, anyway?

How To Guarantee You Get No ROI on Your VA 

Manage Your Own Calendar

From business meetings to personal appointments, managing a calendar is something you should totally handle yourself. A Virtual Assistant can’t exactly be expected to deal with everything on your behalf – meeting invitations from others, scheduling appointments with clients, updating appointments and even – get this – declining meetings and events for you – now can they?

Give them a break and do it yourself.

Handle Your Own Inbox

Who wants more emails? Let’s get a show of hands. ‘I really wish I got more emails to read, reply, address, sort, file and organize!’ said everyone.

Right? Right...

Seriously. Who doesn’t love seeing an endless stream of emails pouring into their inbox every day and can’t wait to take the time to respond, delete and organize each one? 

Execute Your Own Social Media

Social media is, after all, social so why waste your money by paying someone to basically play on apps all day? Let’s be smart here.

For any business – from solopreneur to Fortune 500 – having a social media presence is a non-negotiable, so be sure to roll up your sleeves and schedule your posts on several outlets every day, respond to comments and messages, and grow your following. 

And BONUS POINTS for more ‘classic’ social pursuits, go ahead and write out all your holiday cards and thank you notes, too. And figure out how to mail ‘em all. You’ve got this! 

Handle Your Own Financial Tasks

We once read a study that said that 100%* of business owners and entrepreneurs got into business just to handle their own bookkeeping and finances. Sounds crazy but it’s true. 

So get ready to have all the bookkeeping your little heart can handle! From maintaining your financial records, including records of the dates and amount of every transaction, tax planning, financial planning, consulting services and more, your bookkeeping is all yours.

You lucky duck, you.

Enter All Your Own Data

All those business cards you collected at the last industry event – you know, the ones you have every good intention of saving but that you know, deep down, will die a slow, painful, landfill-destined death in the cupholders of your car? Now, you can take the time to enter each and every one into a database. And you can update existing business contact information while they’re at it, too!  Go ahead, just do it.  Get it done!

And it doesn’t end with data entry. Oh, no – there’s so much more for you to do!

You can also handle your own research, too! Whether researching potential investors or competitors, locating event or office space, researching new products or services, gathering market information, or vetting a prospective employee or business contact, you can now take the time to keep your finger on the pulse of all things related to or potentially impacting your business.

WOW!  You're an amazing individual!  You can do all this while still trying to run your business, eat, sleep and spend time with your family too?

The Cold, Hard Truth

Have you been able to catch your breath and pick yourself up off the floor from laughing at the absurdity of our article’s opening sentiment yet?

Glad we could give you a good laugh – and a reality check. Because think about it: How much time and money have you potentially wasted by not letting your Virtual Assistant do the job for which you hired them for?

We get it, though. It’s hard to let go of the reins and delegate those tasks; they’ve been yours for so long and you don't trust that they can do it like you. But maybe just loosen up on them reins a little to see how much more your business can grow if you just learn to accept the help. Help, incidentally, for which you’re paying hard-earned money, for the record.

If you’re ready to remove the restrictor (read: you) and see what this baby (read: your business) can really do, We can help. 

And if you’re eager to learn all the ways one of our wonderful Virtual Assistants can help you go full throttle, read our article on what tasks you can delete to your Virtual Assistant.

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*This number has been completely made up. Shocking, we know.